Buildright is a provider of safe, consistent, and flexible end-to-end IT solutions that delivers competitive benefits, productivity and business growth. Buildright offers top-notch technologies in a wide range of IT solutions. Buildright also offers data center solutions, security and management, and server networking solutions.

Apart from delivering creative solutions and products, Buildright provides end to end service and support for seamless implementation and deployment of IT infrastructures for small to largescale enterprises. Buildright deliver complete solutions and our team has the expertise, experience and resources to fulfill the demand of your business and IT needs. We provide integrated products, systems and services to keep your enterprise efficient, reliable and profitable.


Buildright Network Systems integrates, boosts, monitors, and maintains IT and network infrastructures for enterprise in diverse sectors which comes with a software control and monitoring systems to ensure the reliability of your Network.

Buildright deliver full range of Network Management and Support. Buildright Network Solutions will collaborate with you to properly locate weakpoint and upgrade your existing network or build new network from ground up. Buildright provide complete computer communications needs, from network peripherals to software configuration.

Data center

Our solutions for data centers ensures that the data is kept well protected and well managed and their lifespan maximized. We know how important those data are so we also offer our customers our service to protect and backup all their data so we can prevent huge data loss.

Buildright provide wide selection of data center solution that suitable to any customers need. Our data center solution boost efficiency, reduce cost, and shorten implementation time. We always deliver our data center using the latest technologies to ensure it runs on highest performance that meets your business needs.


We have expert team in designing and developing web sites tailored to your business needs. With our experience, we ensure our designs exceed your demands in terms of graphics, pagespeed, layout, programming, and user friendly navigation. Gain more web visitor with our professional display with affordable price.

Buildright is also a software developer. We collaborate with customers to create software based on what they need, from design until implementation, our developers tremendously enjoy working on software development projects. They are trained with technical capabilities and up to date programming skills.